Friday 10 September 2021

Cat Helps Save Owner's Life

Piran who helped save his owner's life.

A cat helped save his owner's life after she fell 70ft through barbed wire, down a ravine and into a stream.

A worried friend of the woman, who is 83,  had alerted neighbour Tamara Longmuir that she was missing. 

"I went off in my truck to search our farm and fields but there was no sign of her," said Tamar. She was joined by other members of her family who live and work on the farm.

The searchers then noticed the woman's cat Piran sitting in the gate to one of the maize fields - meowing at them incessantly.

Tamara said, "The cat is very attached to her, and he was going back and forth in the gateway and meowing, so I decided to go and search the maize field."

The crop was 7ft high, with only a small track around the edge for access. Tamara said: "I walked right around to the bottom of the field, calling the lady's name.

"My cows could hear me calling and were mooing back - I was hoping they would go quiet so I could hear.

"Just as I was going to go off the path and start going through the crop, I heard a very faint response to my calling... I then quickly realised my neighbour was down the 70ft ravine.

"She had gone through the barbed wire and was lying in the stream - we think she had been in there for hours."

The rescue in progress.

Tamara managed to scramble down the incline to get to the pensioner, and checked her over for major injuries - but there didn't appear to be any, even from the barbed wire.

She then had to scramble halfway up the bank and hang off a branch to get a single bar of service on her cell phone in the remote area, allowing her to call other members of the search party, who rang the emergency services and came to help.

Tamara said: "After about two hours she was carried up to safety and into the air ambulance.
"Without the cat waiting at the gate to that field, it could have been hours later that I or anyone else would have checked in there."

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  1. It was a good thing she noticed the cat. Not many people would have.

  2. This is such an incredible story !

  3. We learned of this before! What a cool story. Be well, my dear.


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