Friday 13 December 2019

How To Keep The Cat Off The Christmas Tree

Does your cat attack the ornaments on the Christmas tree? If so, here's a clever hack that solved the problem for one woman - and it may work for you too.

Irene Olocco, from Italy, placed a "force field" of tangerines around the tree to stop her cat  Jojo Grassojo from clawing it.

She figured that as most cats hate the smell of citrus fruit this would repel the evil intentions of Jojo Grassojo!

'My cat is afraid of tangerines, so I've created a force field' she said.

She posted a picture on Facebook and cat owners were very impressed by her tip. The post, which has since racked up more than 52,000 shares was deemed 'adorable' and 'genius' by Facebook users.

Most cats hate a strong citrus smell and so it is a natural deterrent.


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  1. I saw that on social media and laughed so hard. I thought it was just true of her cat; I didn't realize it was a cat thing.

  2. What a brilliant idea. My dog once ate chocolates which were under the tree, maybe we need a force field for them too.


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