Friday 19 October 2018

Does Your Cat Love You?

Not all cats are overtly affectionate, some are more withdrawn than others. But there are ways to tell whether your feline friends like you.

1. They headbutt you: Headbutting identifies you as one of their friends. They also use head butting to mark their territory as they have scent glands on their chins, cheeks, forehead and lips. You have been marked as part of the clan!

2. They roll over and show you their tummy: Their stomach is a vulnerable part of their body so if they roll over they are demonstrating that they love you. Warning: Cats may also expose their tummies as a submissive or defensive act when they feel cornered. If you don't know the cat well beware of rubbing their tummy, they may take a swipe at you.

3. They purr when they're with you: Cats reserve their purrs exclusively for the humans they love. They don't purr for other cats, except their own kittens. Warning: Purring can occasionally be a sign of pain. If they seem upset or distressed while purring,  check them over.

An affectionate head-butt.

4. Their tail twitches or curls around you: A cat reveals its mood with its tail. An erect and swishy tail shows its happy in your presence. A tail curled around your leg or arm is also a sign of friendship and affection. Warning: An erect tail combined with upright fur and an arched back means they feel threatened.

5. Your cat brings you presents: It might not be a present you actually want e.g. a mouse,  bird or frog, but it's the thought that counts! Actually, I don't want to disappoint anyone but it's not really a gift for you, cats bring items into a home they feel secure in.

6. Your cat nibbles you: A nibble rather than a full-on bite is a sign they like you.

7. They talk to you! Cat owners will be aware of the strange high-pitched gurgling sound. It means they're feeling friendly and sociable.

8. They follow you around: Some cat owners can't even go to the bathroom without an audience! They want to be with  you.

I love you enough to show  you my tummy.

9. They lick your hair or ears: They  are grooming you and grooming is a sign of care and affection in cats.

10. They knead you with their paws: Kittens knead their mother to stimulate milk flow, but adult cats use kneading as a way to say, "I trust you."

11. They blink slowly at you:  This is sometimes referred to as a "kitty kiss". It's a sign of love. Blink slowly back!

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  1. Mine do most of those. One has to follow me to the bathroom when I go, and the other sits outside the shower every time I have one and makes sure it doesn't eat me haha

  2. It took me years to realize the ways my aloof Kitty showed how much she loves me. I thought it was all about snuggling and cuddling - but it's really much more complex. It's always there if you take the time to look.

  3. Between my 13 cats, I get it all :)

  4. My oft standoffish cat Jezebel snuggled in bed with me this morning. You just never know when she'll decide to be affectionate. It's all good, for sure, but I miss my super loving kitty Luna, rest her little soul.

    And what a precious rescue kitten! Thank you for sharing that sweet story.


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