Tuesday 4 September 2018

What's In A (Cat's) Name?

You talking to me?

Take care when naming your cat. According to a veterinarian, if you want puss to take any  notice of you, you should pick a name that sounds high-pitched.

Canadian veterinarian Dr Uri Burstyn says cats' ears are finely attuned to higher noises.  Ideally, you want your cat’s name to end in a high frequency, since that’s the kind of sound cats hear best and naturally pay attention to. After all, mice squeak and birds chirp. They have more trouble hearing low-frequency sounds. So Felix or Garfield aren't ideal names but Fluffy is fine.

And that's why "kitty kitty" works pretty well to get a cat to listen to you. It's a squeaky sound.

Below Dr. Uri, helped by his friend Lancelot, shows how the right name can get your cat's attention.

If you more ideas of what to name your cat and to read the wonderful poem The Naming Of Cats by T.S. Eliot, look at another post here.

Take a look at the book below - written by Toffee, the sassiest cat in the world!

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  1. Years ago had a cat called Fancy (Z cars) so I guess that was a good choice. Interesting thing to know though.

  2. Very interesting. I had heard they respond better to names with the long e sound like Emmy, Fluffy, etc.

  3. I've heard about this. It's funny, though, my cat Luna was attached to my hip. lol What a graceful beauty she could be. Now we're stuck with one senile old cat who screams at the top of her lungs all day for attention and another hiding under the bed while we're having work done on our house. ~sigh~ I miss Luna.

  4. That was interesting. We all have the names we were adopted with here!


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