Thursday 30 August 2018

Cat Cuddler Wanted

Best friends Choccy and Fluffy need to be rehomed together.

A British animal rescue charity has been overwhelmed with offers of help after asking people to come and cuddle and play with cats.

The RSPCA in Furness-in-Barrow has eight cats in its cattery at the moment and they are trying to find homes for them all. In the meantime the cats are looking for a bit of human interaction to get them used to people.

The branch asked ''crazy cat ladies and gentlemen' if they had a spare hour or two a week to volunteer.

Michelle Round, an RSPCA volunteer and cat fosterer who made the post on Facebook, said: "We couldn't believe the response. We have been overwhelmed with all the messages from people wanting to volunteer to play with the cats."

Casper: Please adopt me!

She added "We are looking for people who can make a regular visit, once or twice a week, not a one off visit. Some cats want to play and some are more timid."

The cats include lovely Casper. The RSPCA are desperate for Casper to find his furever home as he has been at the cattery for seven months now after his owner died. He loves to be outside so he needs to find a loving home.

Also at the cattery are Blackie, an adorable and quiet female cat, lovable best pals Choccy and Fluffy, who need to be rehomed together, affectionate Connie, who is around 18-months-old, and cute kittens Daisy and Rosie.

Blackie and kittens Daisy and Rosie.

The cats are vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. Contact: Tel: 01229 824583 or email

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  1. I’m so happy that so many want to volunteer and I know, if they were near us, my hubby would be there but he would bring home more cats:j We have a Kaspar, named after Kaspar Hauser so different from Casper but I hope someone adopts Casper soon. It will great to know they have been all adopted.

  2. See, most everyone loves a good cuddle and those sweeties sure are cute!

  3. That's heartwarming. I wish these kitties all the best. My hope is to adopt an older adult or a pair of younger cats this fall after we complete some disruptive work on our home. Our two old felines don't need too much stress all at once. Be well!

  4. I would love to cuddle some of those cats. Pity.

  5. Alas, they're too far away from me for me to be of much help.

  6. Such cuties, I would love to cuddle them if I lived near there.

  7. You had me a "cat" and "cuddle" ... unfortunately, I live on the other side of the ocean :(


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