Monday 15 July 2019

10 Household Products That Can Harm Your Cat

All cat owners should be aware of those household items and foods that could harm their beloved pet. Here are some everyday products that could be harmful or even fatal.

1. Chocolate
You may think you are giving your cat a treat by sharing your chocolate. But it contains theobromine which is toxic for cats. Consumption could cause tremors, irregular heart rate, seizures and death.

2. Caffeine
Your cat should never drink anything which contains caffeine, including coffee, tea and cold medicines. Small doses of caffeine can cause  rapid breathing, tremors and heart palpitations. Large amounts could be fatal.

3. Alcohol
Never allow your cat to drink alcohol. Even a few sips could damage a cat's liver and brain. At its worse, your cat could fall into a coma and die.
Allowing your cat to consume alcohol can be extremely dangerous, as it is absorbed into the body.

4. Raw fish
Raw fish sounds like an ideal food for  your cat but the bacteria it carries can cause poisoning. In addition, it could destroy the vitamin thiamine, which is essential to cats. Lack of thiamine can lead to loss of appetite, seizures and death.

5. Onions and garlic
Sulfoxides and disulphides contained in onions and garlic can be poisonous to cats as it breaks down their red blood cells, which can then lead to anaemia, lethargy, weight loss and gastrointestinal problems.

6. House plants
There are hundreds of common house plants that can be lethal to cats, which if consumed can cause be toxic. Ivy, aloe, amaryllis, peony, lily and begonia are just a few which are poisonous.

7. Salt lamps
Himalayan salt lamps are very trendy at the moment and unfortunately cats often like to lick them. But this can lead to sodium poisoning, causing pain, vomiting, seizures and even death.

8. Insecticides
If consumed insecticides can cause internal bleeding, seizures and kidney failures.

9. Yeast dough
If you are baking bread, do not let your cat eat the raw dough. It will rise inside its stomach and could result in rupture of the stomach or intestines. While the yeast is fermenting, it also releases alcohol making it doubly dangerous to cats.

10. Bones
While cats enjoy fish and poultry, be sure that the food they are given does not contain any bones. Bones can splinter and cause a choking hazard to your cat, or it could puncture their digestive tract.

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  1. I did not know about some of these. Although, I had heard chocolate was bad for dogs, so I'm unsurprised it's bad for cats, too.

  2. Very interesting. I did not know about the salt lamps. I have been thinking of getting one , but I will pass.

  3. Awesome list! Some of these were new to me.


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