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Saturday 2 October 2021

Helpful Cat Minty Wins Award

Minty and Connor.

A sweet cat who helps a six-year-old boy cope with severe learning difficulties has been crowned the winner of this year’s UK National Cat Awards, held by charity Cats Protection and sponsored by Purina

Minty, from Holywell, Wales, beat hundreds of other entries to the top spot due to his ‘special bond’ with Connor Raven.

Nine-year-old Minty was recognised by Cats Protection for the support he gives Connor, who as well as severe learning difficulties has a range of medical conditions, including ataxic cerebral palsy.

The cat, who only has three legs following a road accident, helps Connor cope with daily life, from keeping him settled at meal times to providing a calming presence at bedtime.

The pet comes to Connor’s aid when things get difficult, rubbing his face on Connor’s hand. He  also helped Connor learn to climb the stairs.

“Minty would spend hours jumping one step at a time, stopping to allow Connor to catch up,” said Connor’s mother, Siobhan Cobb.

“It was incredible to witness him patiently encourage Connor to achieve something he found so difficult.

“Connor can be very loud, and his medical conditions mean he’s very wobbly and clumsy. Many pets would understandably keep their distance, but not Minty – when Connor is at his most in need, Minty is there like a shot.”

Minty the cat with mum Siobhan Cobb and son Connor Raven, age 6.

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