Tuesday 21 September 2021

The Cat Who Wears His Heart On His Butt

Meet Smooch, the fabulous feline who wears his heart on his butt.

Smooch was a feral cat who was rescued by Cathrine Garnell, from Nottinghamshire, in the UK. He, his mother and five siblings were feral cats living under a shed in her mother's garden.

Cathrine soon transformed the shed into a house for the cats.
 She said, 'After I began to feed them, I was slowly able to gain their trust over time. This enabled me to move them into the shed, where I made them all little cat houses complete with comfy beds, to try and provide them with the best possible cat life.

‘Once they were all old enough, I was able to take them to our local veterinary clinic and have them all neutered.’

But when Smooch was 18 months old he was in a car accident which resulted in him losing his back leg.

‘After his surgery, I took him back to my mum’s house for a few weeks where we kept him inside,' said Cathrine. ‘I knew once he was fully healed and able to roam free, there was a strong likelihood he would try and cross the busy main road again. I feared next time he may not be so fortunate.’

So Cathrine took Smooch to live with her and her five former shelter cats: Amber, Parsley, Fudge, Pandora and Melvyn.

Smooch is one cat that's fallen on his (three) feet!

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