Thursday 26 August 2021

Holy Catrimony

Adam Lawrence and his friend's cat

A British man flew to the USA to meet a Chicago woman who had "liked" a picture of him holding a cat on a Facebook page - and now they're engaged!

Adam Lawrence, 29, and Anna Hosey, 26, were both in a Facebook group called This Cat is Chonky for chubby felines.

Adam posted a photo of himself holding a friend’s cat's. He messaged cat owner Anna after she called him “cute” in the comments and, two months later, he flew to the States to see her - and her cat Kidden.

Anna Hosey and Kidden

They dated long-distance and when Adam’s next visit was cancelled owing to the pandemic, Anna flew to London. She moved into his apartment in Ealing, West London, and now they are engaged a year after their online meeting.

Graphic designer Adam said: “Anna was leaving and I wanted our relationship to carry on so I just decided to propose. My friends and family all love her."

Hairdresser Anna said: “I was scrolling by and I thought, ‘Oh he’s so cute’ so I decided to comment that. The next day, he sent me a private message saying that he thought I was super cute as well and that we’d have to meet up if he was ever in the States. We ended up just chatting non-stop.

We're engaged!

“Our first phone call was a five-hour call — we were just sharing similar interests and they were all just so spot on to one another.

“I remember saying to my friends, ‘I don’t know why, I don’t know this guy but I feel like I’m going to marry him!’ ”

They plan to marry in London, with Anna moving to the UK full time. Her cat Kidden will also  join them.

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