Friday, 12 March 2021

Lampshade Lady

This is the moment nine-year-old Layla was rudely interrupted while switching to record a TikTok video for her friends.

Young Layla Phillips heard a noise behind her and swung round to find her cat Graycie swinging from the lampshade. In her video, Layla's eyes can be seen widening in surprise as she spots Graycie hanging by her front claws.

Layla's mum Vickie Cochrane, 30, said Graycie had to be lifted off .

Vickie, from Scotland, said: "My daughter was just going to record a TikTok and then the cat jumped up and started swinging from the lampshade. She tried to get her down. She was a bit shocked. Graycie's never done that before."

The lampshade is made of feathers so Graycie's reaction is understandable!

Vickie continued, "Layla had to pull her off. I think because it's feather she likes it. Layla came running through saying,  Oh my god, look what I've got on my iPad. When she showed me I couldn't stop laughing - I was laughing for a while.

"Everyone's said it's one of the funniest things they've seen. People have been laughing and texting about it."

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  1. That is hilarious. Who knows why cats do what they do? Once, I had a cat jump on the screen door. It had been there for ages, but one day...

  2. I can definitely see why that lampshade attracted attention. Too funny.

  3. I hate TikTok , but that is funny.


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