Monday, 6 July 2020

Sneak Thief Caught On Camera

Busted! Tiger is caught in the act.

Canterbury Cathedral in the UK closed its doors to its congregation during lockdown but continued to broadcast via the internet.

The Very Reverend Dr Robert Willis, Dean of Canterbury , settled down to preside over an online prayer service, only to be interrupted by one of God's creatures.

Tiger the cat, ignoring the commandment Thou Shalt Not Steal, leapt onto the table to help himself to milk on the reverend's tea tray.

“We’ve acquired a friend this morning,” Dr Willis said as Tiger helped himself to the refreshments.
Tiger is one of four cats at the Deanery, with another named Leo going viral a few weeks ago for disappearing into Dr Willis’ vestments during a service.

The Cathedral has been uploading virtual prayer services as places of worship were closed during the UK-wide lockdown beginning on March 23. It was reopened for visitors on Saturday July 4, and for services of worship on Sunday July 5.

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  1. Apparently all virtual meetings must showcase a pet somehow.

  2. I'm horrible about going to church as I should ... but cats would be a powerful motivator!

  3. How cute! Thank you for sharing. Stories like this always brighten my day.


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