Monday 4 December 2023

Blood Brothers

SMUDGE (pictured above), a 15-year-old cat, came within a whisker of losing her life when she was taken ill after an adverse reaction to medication for an over-active thyroid.

Robin and Maureen Sable, who live in Winnersh in the UK, had taken Smudge to a cattery as they were due to set off for a holiday in Belgium. They were just about to leave when they got a call from the cattery to say Smudge was very poorly after a bad reaction to her thyroid medication.

She urgently needed a blood transfusion but has a rare blood group. Cats have either Type A or Type B blood types but most are Type A so it’s difficult to find the right donor. The vets contacted the local cats protection league to try to find another cat with the same blood group - and Dinah (above), aged 10, who is owned by Jamie Wildish, came to the rescue.

Smudge recovered well but Robin and Maureen had to postpone their holiday - not that they minded as they say Smudge, who they have had since she was seven weeks old, is just one of the family.

Look at this: 

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  1. Whew ! How good that the cattery realized there was a problem and kudos to Dinah and her owner for helping with the transfusion ! Purrs to all.


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