Thursday 16 November 2023

Cats Take Over The World

Cats are taking over the world. This will come as no surprise to cat owners who already have their little corner of the world completely annexed by a feline despot.

Others may think I'm exaggerating. How can a such a small bundle of fur rule big people with an iron fist? Let me present the proof.

They are all Ninjas, that is they display stealth and prowess in combat to get their own way.

They possess all manner of superpowers

including superhuman, sorry I mean, superfeline strength

and the ability to time travel.

They are masters of disguise (look carefully!). 

They are all-seeing 

and all-knowing. They WILL judge you if they think you are lacking.

They are ruthless.

But most of all, they have humans wrapped around their little fingers (or paws).

Look at this: 

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