Monday 9 October 2023

Purring Is Not Always Purrfect

For cat lovers purring is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Who doesn't love a cuddle with a beloved pet who is purring contentedly? 

But a purring cat is not necessarily a happy cat. Most owners know that cats also purr when they are in pain. Now "inappropriate purring" has also been identified. The cat is not contented but is trying to relax itself in times of distress. 

According to Pets4Homes, inappropriate purring can confuse pet owners who are wondering why their cats are ‘singing’ during an examination by a vet or when they have a protective cone over their head. 

A female cat may purr while giving birth to a litter of kittens but this isn’t to identify that she is relaxed or content, it’s to keep herself and her kittens calm and is a unique self protective mechanism. The purring helps the cat to block out outside sounds so all they hear is their own sound as a vibration through their bodies as well as aurally. 

This is why cats may purr when there are outside stimulus such as loud fireworks. Cats will also soothe themselves when they are ill or very old by purring. 

However, it is important to remember that inappropriate purring is pretty uncommon and there will more than likely be other signs and symptoms that something is amiss too as well as just the sound that the cat is making. 

Cats will purr to show you affection far more often than they will purr to say something is wrong so while the extra knowledge and vigilance is necessary, don’t let it take away any of the comfort your pet’s purr brings to you both. 

If you suspect there is more to your cat's purring than contentment, a trip to the vet may be in order.

Look at this: 

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  1. A purr from a content cat is the best sound ever. XO

  2. Self soothing cats. That's probably a good thing sometimes.

  3. This was interesting to read and now makes sense with our one cat who, sadly passed away, a few years back. She was very overweight, we rescued her this way, and we tried to get her weight down. She could not clean herself…back there, so we had to shed her behind to remove the “Christmas ornaments” as my hubby coined that term. I would hold her but try and speak soothing words and she would be purring and then, lick herself. She was a very anxious cat and would purr when she was anxious. Now I 7nderstood even more why.

  4. The purr is forever fascinating. Be well!


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