Monday 7 August 2023

The Cat Who Fell From 19 Floors

Lucky Sugar

You may have heard of the saying that cats have nine lives, but have you ever heard of the cat who survived a 200ft fall from 19 floors? 

Sugar miraculously lived after plunging from the window of her owner’s apartment in Boston, USA. Brittany Kirk left her apartment to run some errands. She had left the window open, thinking that Sugar would enjoy the fresh air but didn't realise she would jump onto the windowsill

Sugar lost her balance and fell from the window. She plummeted about 200 feet, to the ground. She landed on a small patch of mulch, surrounded by concrete and bricks. She was spotted by a woman who was walking her dog nearby. The woman called the animal rescue service.

Amazingly, Sugar only suffered minor injuries from the fall. She had a small cut on her chest, and some bruising on her lungs. She had no broken bones, no internal bleeding, and no brain damage. She was treated with painkillers and antibiotics, and was able to go home the next day.

How did Sugar survive such a high fall? According to veterinarians, cats have a natural ability to survive falls from great heights. They have a flexible spine that allows them to twist their body in mid-air and land on their feet. They also have a low body weight and a large surface area relative to their mass, which reduces the impact force. And they have a strong survival instinct that helps them relax and brace for impact.

Brittany says that she is very grateful that Sugar is alive, and that she will never leave the window open again. 

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