Thursday 23 March 2023

Ukrainian Cat Rocket Loves The Pub!

Cheers from Rocket who often visits his local pub
with his new owner Wendy Lloyd (pictured).

Rocket the cat was having a miserable life, caught up in the horrors of war-torn Ukraine. His owners were forced to abandon him as they fled the Russian invasion.

He was living on the streets when he was hit by a car, badly injuring a back leg which later had to be amputated. 

Today his life is very different - he lives peacefully in Birmingham in the UK and his favourite place to be is in the local pub with his new owner.

The remarkable story of how the three-legged cat ended up in a new home 1,600 miles away began when British volunteer Wendy Lloyd was helping to deliver aid at the Ukrainian border.

She spotted the injured cat who had been taken to a makeshift animal shelter. Wendy felt compelled to help him and arranged emergency treatment at a vet before securing the paperwork to take him home to Birmingham in England.

Wendy, 41, said: "The place he was staying was very cramped - through no fault of her own, this poor lady was inundated with 40 to 50 lost, abandoned and injured animals. I decided there and then to rescue him.

"We were in Lviv headed back when suddenly the air raid sirens started going off to warn us that shelling was imminent. The noise just goes through your bones - it's terrifying.

"Eight missiles came over our heads and we had to sit tight - the cat was the only one of us who wasn't panicking. So the name Rocket seemed fitting."

Wendy says Rocket is very settled in his new  home, adding: "He doesn't do cat things as such, he comes to the pub with me and has become a regular at the Twelfth Man in Edgbaston [a suburb of Birmingham].

"He travels there in my back-pack and never tries to run away.

"The irony is before Rocket I was not not even a particular fan of cats. I'm a dog person. But it was clear he wanted to live and he won me over."

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  1. We're raising a toast to Rocket (and of course to Ms Wendy) !!!

  2. This is a beautiful story and a courageous one also. The cat and the owner are both beautiful in heart and soul

  3. What a sad, sweet little story. Glad that Rocket has a new life someplace.

  4. I am so glad this sweet kitty was rescued. XO


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