Tuesday 12 July 2022

What's In A Cat Name? Ask Sheldon Sir Bottom Wimple!

Don't you dare give me a stupid name!

Since new cat registration legislation came into effect in the Canberra area in Australia, more than 5,500 cats have been registered. 

Since 1 July 2022, all cats are required to be registered via an online smart form– with details to be updated annually. Cat registration helps reunite lost cats with their families faster, through up-to-date contact details.

People are still registering, but the Top Ten most popular names so far are:

1   Charlie
2   Luna
3   Bella
4   Coco
5   Leo
6   Missy
7   Lily
8   Rosie
9   Mia
10 Lucy

Many are named after food, including, Bacon, Bagel, Gnocchi, Halloumi, Jelly Bean and Mashed Potato!

Famous people and fictional characters are also inspirational, including, 50 Cent, Beethoven, Catrick Swayze, Elvis Purrsley, Leonardo DiCatmeouw and Sir Paul McCatney.

Then there are the downright bizarre like Artificial Lunar Conspiracy, Fizzypop, Luna Valkyrie Moon Clown, Miss Kitty Fantastico and Sheldon Sir Bottomwimple!

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  1. I have a Lucy and a Rosie.

  2. Thankfully, my Mom didn't name me. Can you say ... embarrassing? ~Latte

  3. My favorite name remains 'Luna' because of our special bond. :D


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