Monday, 8 November 2021

Film Maker's Feline Surprise

Paris Zarcilla's first Tweet about finding the cat and kittens

Two years ago London film-maker Paris Zarcilla was shocked to find an unknown cat and four kittens under his bed. And, as cats do, these five strangers soon wriggled their way into his heart.

As he tweeted over the following days it was possible to track the way his life was changing.

He told his followers he had fallen asleep downstairs, and only noticed the new family after going upstairs to get a jumper. He found the jumper  - but it was not quite in the same condition as it was as momma cat had given birth on it.

He put up posters all around the area in an effort to track down the owner and later had momma cat checked for a chip, but she had none. So, there he was, in the for the long haul! 

The subject of cat hair (we cat owners know all about that!) was soon broached. One follower tweeted:  "As per Cat Protocol the hair will only become apparent once you’ve left the house without a sticky roller. @ParisZarcilla, buy a sticky roller." To which he replied: " Hair will likely stay on. Trying to assimilate as new Cat dad."

He was obviously smitten by being a new dad. "Paternal instincts kicking in. Overwhelmed with feels. Don't know how to deal," he tweeted. And later, "Cancelling all my plans. Crawling under the bed to spend the rest of the day with my four new children."

His life started to change.  "Just cancelled my order for comics and single malt whiskey. Now buying cat food. This is fatherhood yo! I'm here for this," he tweeted.

Before establishing that momma cat was either a stray or abandoned, Paris was preparing himself for potential heartbreak.

"I've been meditating on this wonderful but bizarre situation and I've arrived at a place where I'm ready to accept whatever the outcome is. I can only love and care for them now in this moment. I will give them everything they need until they need me no more. All will be good."

On a serious note, Paris said he had some mental health issues and the new arrivals had really helped him.

“My life is changing in real time,” he adds. “This stony heart of mine is being chipped at with every mew. I think I love them. Like, actually love them with my heart. Ugh. I can’t help it. I’m going to give them everything they need until they need me no more.”

So, two years down the line, did this story have a happy ending. Look at this picture, and make up your own mind!

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  1. He must have left his door open. The mama cat knew just where she needed to go.

  2. That really is a most wonderful story!!!

  3. I saw the beginning of this story - so glad to see the happy follow-up. Yes, they do lesson your anxiety - until one goes missing in the closet or gets the sniffles. Purrayers ahd Power of the Paw to all of them ! What a great story !


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