Monday 18 October 2021

Keep Kitty Cat Happy

We all want to keep our furry companions as happy and healthy as possible. Here are a few tips to keep kitty happy.

1. Keep your cats active: If they don't get enough exercise they can put on weight, which is not healthy.  They love playing so there are many things owners can do to ensure they are active every day. Get a selection of cat toys. There is a huge variety for sale  from the very simple to the eye-poppingly elaborate. 
But you don't have to spend any money if  you don't want to. Cats can spend ages batting a scrunched up piece of paper around the house. You can tie objects to string and get your cat to chase them. Warning: make sure you don't leave pieces of string lying about for them to swallow. 

They love to climb so put a treat on something high so they have to scramble up to get it (only a 'little' treat, otherwise it defeats the object of losing weight)!

Cardboard boxes, balls, stones or marbles in secure containers to make a noise are all ideal for a cat to play with.

If your neighbourhood is suitable, take your cat out for a walk. There are many leashes to choose from. Here are a few:  Leash One    Leash Two   Leash Three   Leash Four

Two: Get your cat a companion: It has been shown that indoor cats are happier when they have another companion to play with. This is especially important if you cannot be home all day with your cats. You can easily do this by adopting another cat from a shelter. If you cannot take the responsibility for another cat at the moment, you can set up playdates with other cat owners. Some cats are more solitary than others but many cats love company. Getting a feline friend is a sure way to make them happy.

Three: Bring the outdoors in: If you have a cat, then you probably know that they love to climb. You might have noticed they try to get on every piece of furniture. Naturally, they love climbing trees to sit in and also look for prey. To keep a cat happy, you can help nurture this climbing instinct. Cat trees are an amazing way to do this. You can easily buy one or make your own. You can also add cat shelves to your cat’s favourite rooms so they can exercise and climb for as long as they want. Here are some cat trees: Cat Tree One   Cat Tree Two   Cat Tree Three   Cat Tree Four

Four: Try Some Cat-Friendly Plants: You can plant cat grass indoors - preferably in a pot or two so they can graze. If you don’t know it already, cats eat grass if they have an upset stomach. But when it comes to plants, there's one thing that most cats go crazy for, and that's catnip! There many toys that contain catnip (also known as catmint). Here are a few: Catnip Toy One    Catnip Toy Two   Catnip Toy Three   Catnip Toy Four

Five: Pay Special Attention To The Litter Tray: Cats are very clean creatures and hate it if their litter tray is dirty and smelly. Make sure you keep it clean and empty it regularly.

Six: Show Them Love: This one is the easiest of all! At the end of the day, this simple step is the most effective for keeping your cat happy. Domesticated cats need attention from their owners and they crave it when it is not there - they’re just a little more subtle about it than dogs are. Give your cat attention every day. Pet your cat regularly. Sit down for a snuggle, and spend time with your cat. Dedicate time to play and keep your cat active and do not leave it all up to the toys alone. Loving your cat goes a long way to keeping your cat happy and delighted all the time!

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  1. Well, a playmate is great if the cats get along. If they don't...

  2. Toffee, I think you would not like a companion. :) XO

  3. I am happy to say we do all of this for are precious furbabes

  4. Excellent tips. :) Our kitties are wonderfully spoiled.


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