Thursday, 26 November 2020

App Translates Cats' Meows

I'm not totally sure that this is a good idea, given the demands of some of the cats I have known! But a former Amazon Alexa engineer has created an app which helps to translate your cat's meow. MeowTalk records the sound and then attempts to identify the meaning.

The cat's owner then labels the translation, creating a database for the AI software to learn from.

Currently, there are only 13 phrases in the app’s vocabulary including: “Feed me!”, “I’m angry!” and “Leave me alone!”

Research suggests that, unlike their human servants, cats do not share a language. Each cat’s miaow is unique and tailored to its owner, with some cats more vocal than others.

So, instead of a generic database for cat sounds, the app's translation differs with each individual profile.

By recording and labelling sounds, the artificial intelligence and machine-learning software can better understand each individual cat's voice - the more it's used, the more accurate it can become.

The eventual aim is to develop a smart-collar, with technology that would translate your cat’s miaow instantly, and a human voice would speak through the collar.

Here's the app: MeowTalk

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  1. That sounds interesting. I think I know what my cats want. Usually food. :)

  2. Jezebel needs no translation. :) Currently she is licking my arm because she's bored and apparently I need groomed. Heh...

  3. Dad says most times he'd rather not know exactly what I'm saying. He can be an a hole. Good thing he doesn't want to know, huh?


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