Tuesday, 28 April 2020

X is for Xmas

At Christmastime there are always lots of pictures on the internet of cats making a mess of trees and decorations - I know, I've posted some myself.

But cat owners should beware of all the trappings of the festive season. Here are some of the hazards:
  • Tinsel and decorations can be dangerous if swallowed
  • Curious cats trying to climb Christmas trees are at risk of injury
  • Snow globes can be extremely dangerous as they can contain antifreeze
  • Poinsettia and berries are among the festive plants which pose a risk
  • Some foods and alcohol are also poisonous to our feline friends
You can also 'cat-proof' your Christmas tree.
  • Secure your decorations to the tree as tightly as possible so that they are not easily knocked off with a cheeky tap of the paw
  • Invest in a good quality, heavy base which will prevent your Christmas tree from toppling over, or place weights to secure it at the bottom
  • Consider tethering your tree to the wall or ceiling
  • Hang decorations higher up the tree, out of the reach of playful paws
  • Do not place any presents for your cat containing catnip under the tree – it will only entice them in

In addition, you can set up a play area with some new, interesting items close to the tree to detract their attention.

If your cat is of a playful, mischievous nature then it is a good idea to consider shutting them out of the room in which the Christmas tree is in altogether when you are not around

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  1. Thankfully we have 3 cats that like to inspect the tree but don’t climb it. Our one cat just loves sitting under it...that’s it. The other 2 we have to watch as me likes tinsel so I don’t hang the tinsel low and I do place ornaments at the bottom but ones that are ok to rub against or paw a bit. We also will close the door to the room when we leave

  2. Sad to say I didn't feel very festive last December, but we're lucky like Birgit. ~nods~ Good tips!

  3. I have been lucky that my cats don't mess with the tree.

  4. We have 3 small artificial trees that Lucy sleeps under and that's it! Now if we had a live or real tree she would be climbing it!

  5. I like the upside down tree solution, myself.


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