Friday, 24 April 2020

U is for Urban Cat Shelter

In most cities there are populations of feral cats. They often live troubled lives, facing danger, illness and starvation.

Now a man has invented the world's first cat shelter powered by Artificial Intelligence. Wan Xi, a computer engineer from Beijing in China, has created a temperature-controlled shelter that provides cats with food and water.

Cat lover Wan XI came up with the idea because he was concerned about the city's stray cat population. 

'At first, I just wanted to provide them with a warm place in winter with food and water that is not frozen,' Mr Xi told China Morning Daily. But after working with a team of animal welfare experts he came up with a more sophisticated design. 

With intelligent temperature and humidity control, as well as a ventilation system, the AI cat shelter provides a comfortable place for stray cats, providing fresh air and a constant temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, the ideal temperature for cats. Abundant food and water is provided and volunteers constantly refill the bowls.

The shelter claims it is able to identify 174 types of cat while flagging-up possible diseases via a smart camera. The sophisticated equipment can spot conditions like  gingivostomatitis, feline herpesvirus (FHV), and skin problems. It can also tell whether a cat has been sterilized. This data is then sent to nearby volunteers who can provide better help to these cats in need.

My sassy, grumpy cat Toffee is also taking part in the A to Z Challenge. Take a look here:

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  1. what a brilliant and kind man. My cousin has been hosting and sheltering feral cats in her backyard since being contacted by the local Feral Cat Coalition. It's a very kind thing to do!

  2. That's nicer than my cats have! Of course, mine are indoors only. Cats are so soft and have so many predators, it's sad to see them living feral.

  3. Oh gosh..I thought I wrote here. This is excellent and showed this to my hubby who was so happy to see this since he is a huge cat lover


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