Monday 13 August 2018

The Purrfect Job

One rescued cat on the idyllic Greek island of Syros

If only I didn't have responsibilities here in the UK because I have just found a purrfect job, looking after up to 70 cats on the idyllic Greek island of Syros.

Not only do you get paid for just fours hours work a day but you get a lovely house near the beach to live in with all the bills paid and a car. The job is at the God's Little People Cat Rescue on Syros run by Richard and Joan Bowell. He is Danish and she's a Brit.

They moved to the island seven years ago where they found kittens thrown away in garbage cans, starving cats relying on scraps and feral and injured cats that needed care.

They began taking in strays and working with local veterinarians to improve the health of the village cat colony and the overall island population. They backed a sterilisation project, funded dental operations, had sick eyes removed, and nursed motherless kittens through the night. If a cat dies, Mrs Bowell buries them and places a stone.

“Now you hardly see distressed cats on Syros,” said Mr Bowell.

The job was posted on Facebook (look here).  Ms Bowell, an artist, is looking for someone over the age of 45, who is not only capable of loving the cats, but also knows how to "trap or handle a feral or non-sociable cat" and has a good knowledge of cat psychology.

 At first the Facebook posts got a handful of likes as Mrs Bowell tried to find homes for cats on Syros. Now her job advertisement post has gone viral with thousands of people from all over the world applying for the job.

The position comes with a salary up to €600 (£536, $683) a month, with bills, housing and veterinary expenses paid, starting November 1, after a voluntary two-week transition period in October.

 A beach on Syros

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  1. That would be interesting. I bet they have a qualified candidate now.

    1. The last time I looked they were still looking for applicants. They didn't ask for any particular qualifications but they're bound to give preference to those with relevant experience.

  2. If my hubby was not with me, he would be perfect! He speaks "cat" and has no issues being on his own and taking care of all the cats. He is great in fixing things too which is always handy. I hope they can weed through all the resume's and find the right person.

    1. Obviously a job for someone very practical - which isn't me!

  3. As you say, the purrfect job. What a dream job that would be.

  4. Yep, that really would be a labor of love!

    1. I expect it's a lot harder work than it sounds!

  5. I want this job! And thank you for the kind comment on my blog. My hornet sting is not too bad. Be well!

  6. What a job! CATS! Almost doesn't seem like actual work ...

    1. I wonder if they would let us take our own cats! Or if they would want to go... Incidentally, I replied to a query of yours about the "talking" paper on an earlier post. So sorry for taking so long.


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