Monday 22 August 2016

Purrfect Lives

IT looks like pet cats and dogs across Britain are living blissful lives. It has been discovered that over 50% of them end up sharing their owners' comfortable beds.

The fact has been revealed via a research which was undertaken by Gala Bingo, which showed that another 49% of pet owners would much rather sit on the floor themselves than force their pets off the sofa or bed.

In addition, a further nine-tenths of pet parents would prefer to save their cats or dogs in the face of a tragedy before they turn to any material possessions.

"I've been a vet for 14 years and am still amazed at some of the things people do for their pets as we really are a nation absolutely dedicated to them," said Joe Inglis, who works in conjunction with Gala Bingo.

Some people, it has been seen, tend to take the whole thing a bit too far. 12% of pet owners actually said that they like to dress up their pets in human-style clothes. Now that's a step too far!

Take a look at the book below - written by Toffee, the sassiest cat in the world!

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    1. How funny...I can just picture walking into a friends room at night and seeing the cat tucked bed and her sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor! helping animals find friendly homes!

    2. Another blogger I follow frequently puts her cat in hats. And the cat seems to tolerate it. Surprising.

    3. I am afraid it infuriates me to see animals dressed in human clothing. Definitely going too far. I agree with saving pets before material possessions, after all, they are alive. But I lived with dogs who liked to get on the beds and I put a stop to it because of dog hairs. I would also stop a cat from getting on the bed - at least whilst I was in it. By the way, the cat in that picture is way too fat.

    4. I've thought about getting a bed like that for Raven.

    5. I love sharing the bed with my kitties. And we rarely make them move out of our chair =, we sit elsewhere. I dress them for photo shoots at the holidays, but I pay very well ( in treats).

    6. Cats in clothes is just wrong. Though I must admit to putting a miniature Santa Claus hat on my Luna long ago. She posted beautifully with it perched gently between her ears. What a sweet cat she was.


    Thank you for your commenting, Purrfect.