Wednesday 31 August 2016

Cat Leads Hiker To Safety

HERE'S a lovely story about a cat who led a hiker to safety. The Reddit user, known only as sc4s2cg, was hiking the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland when he sprained his ankle. He couldn't find his way back to his hostel in the village of Gimmelwald because the trail had been closed.

As he rested, a black and white cat came up to him. The hiker said: "The cat, who was just wandering around, found me while I was resting from a hike. Then he was walking and kept looking at me to follow and led me straight to the path that would take me back down to the valley.”

Above is a video the man filmed of the incident and uploaded to YouTube. After seeing the video other people said they had also met the cat.

There is no suggestion that the hiker was ever in danger but he seemed very pleased to have the cat as his guide!

Take a look at the book below - written by Toffee, the sassiest cat in the world!

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  1. That is so cool and I would feel comforted to see the pussy cat if I felt lost or injured. That is a special cat.

  2. What a lovely story! Thank you.

  3. That is a smart cat- cute too :)

  4. A very smart kitty. Lovely story.


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